Monday, February 22

winter holidaaay

Yess .... it's winter holiday! So nice to just relax and do nothing. All though, it can get boring. Me and my friend are like the only ones who are home right now. So all we do is bake, watch the olympics and go shopping at the local center. hah what a life. Tomorrow we'll go to the local gym to train a bit. Which is good. its good, its goooood.
In other news ...  (hah i recently watched bruce almighty)  My mom and I bought some sonia rykiel stuff todaay!  this is what we bouuught : (there was quite a lot left in the stores!)

this pink jacket


these two jumpers!  (the yellow & black jumper)i really wanted to buy everything. i noticed that the more you browsed through the clothes, the more you wished you could just buy everything.

happy winter holiday!


Victoria Jin said...

You only have your holidays now? :O I want mine too! I had mine ages ago, but now i want them again (yes im quite greedy)

I haven't had time to check out the SR for H&M in the stores yet. I quite like that first one too :)


Lexi Colby said...

such great post! love the sonia! i wish i could get my hands on something of hers!

Raez said...

that yellow sweater is loveee!

xx raez

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awww...those are really cute! I really want that pink jacket! xxoxxoxoo

Anonymous said...

thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
YES I WANT DOGGMARTENS IN BLACK !! I don't really like my white-black Boots..

Jess said...

oh i was just at H&M today checking out the release! those shoes are insanity i ALMOTS walked out wiht a pair

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

Have so much fun on your holidays. I love what your relaxing plans are.
Love the SR stuff. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out but I hope to soon xx

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, im loving your style.
check out my blog x

E L L E S A P P E L L E said...

Oh I miss H&M! Those leggings are coooool.

Krimly said...

love the blazer!


Grace said...

Isn't that the truth! I have to set a timer for myself when I go in there.

Love Grace.

Miss Woody said...

love your blog !

Mode Junkie said...

i agree. i loved almost everything! i´ll definitely wait till the sales!


fadetoblack said...

mg that pink blazer is fab!!

Sasha B. said...

I love that yellow black and white sweater! The bow is adorable!!

lyris said...

ahhh wow this blog is really great! very cute, funny, and i really like the trends you liked a couple posts below this one!


cute in pink!

Anonymous said...

i bought the black one too and i noticed that myself: the more you looked the more you wanted to take everything home with you

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