Saturday, February 20


yesterday we had our last school play performances and the same evening we had sort of a farewell ceremony where people went op on stage and said nice things or read poems about others. We wrote on eacho thers tshirts, helped tidy everything away.. and then! At the end of our performance everybody comes in and sings a last song. The melody of the song is from the song teo torriate - by queen. So as everyone starts bursting into tears we sing our last song.  People barely manage to sing . 
It's really sad  -  at least our grade never has the chance of playing a play wih the same people or teachers again. I really miss it , already.  hah oh well , life goes on i guess ...


btw - i love the norwegian curling pants! GOO NORWAY :D


Anonymous said...

so sad. and those pants are pretty awesome.

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

Hahah the pants are so cool! :D

ANNATS said...

ahhaha, ja har hørt om det!

åå, eg blei så lei meg når eg fant ut at revyen va over! eg som pleie å gå HVERT år! ):

Analisa said...

Those pants are so cool :D

Unknown said...

those pants...hmmm weird cos i like them.

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