Monday, February 1


1. the wang braid 


2.  baggy, silk pants


2.  fifth avenue shoe repair hat 

3. sporty


4. nude colored nailpolish


5. alexa mulberry bag



Anonymous said...

Great post, love it;))

Clara Campelo said...

amazing post.
i love it

Rebecca said...

the reason why i am being so patient for my hair to grow out is because i want the wang braid not matter how long it takes even if it's out of style

Daniella said...

i love the wang braids. alot.

Wendy said...

The Alexa bag is so charming.

Grace said...

Yes for the braid and nude polish! Also, silk pants--genius!

Love Grace.

NinaMagic said...

Absolutely agree with you:)
Nice post.
Love, Nina

LJ said...

good picks!
xx-LJ from SOS!

apparellel said...

i wouldn't mind having all of the above too! sweet blog!


Anonymous said...

i like the nailpolish brown and the bag <33

Lexi Colby said...

ah i love this post

so want that bag, but it's so expensive :( !

bella said...

sådana byxor ser ut som blöjor

Stacy said...

omg #2 and 4!!! NEED NOW PLZ haha

Faridah said...

I want your want list! It's perfect. Especially the Alexa bag. mmmmmm!

ANNATS said...

Amalie! Så kjekt - lenge siden :D

ELSKER de flettene! Skulle ønske jeg hadde den lengden på håret ass!

Amanda said...

I love the nude nailpolish trend!

JadeRose said...

your taste is divine. I'd take everything on this list. Amazinggg :)) althought i think the harem silk pants are my fav x

Talor said...

Alexa Mulberry= love

Denielle said...

you gotta love the braids and the new chanel polish colors. oh and the bag! I love it.


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