Wednesday, October 30


Ohhhhshit. I have missed blogging guyss!! I have had so much going on, freshers week and settling in properly to uni. Recent updates will definitely be coming now. I have my camera sorted, made friends that maybe can help me with my outfit pictures haha. In short, the first month (!!!!??) of uni has been a whirlwind of parties, joining clubs and societies, making friends, making sense of modules (I'm studying business) and generally getting to know the uni. I looove the campus here, and am so glad I ended up here. Exciting times! 
Also, I just recently signed up for the Big Build Project in Morocco with a organisation called Child Reach. This is super exciting, because I get to challenge myself through the year to set up fundraising events to be able to raise money for child reach and then travelling to morocco with about 20 others helping to build schools for children in Morocco. AHH AMAZING. IF you have any fundraising ideas, I'd love to hear about them in the comments! And check out child reach if you haven't. 

ANYWAYS, how have you guys been? Please don't leave me hanging, i promise blogging will pick up. 


Just bought this sweater from COS, it's soft and amazing. 

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