Wednesday, May 23


HEY fellow bloggers and readers. I FOUND a time to blog. amazing. TODAY in norway, YES NORWAY, the last few days there has been a fantastic 25 degrees celcius!! and i even had to strip at school. speaking of school, i have 0 motivation do shit when it feels like summer! Anyway, its ok my friends and good food make up for it. no worries. 
btw, the title refers to Flo rida's song whistle. summa feeling x12345

anyways, here's some cute pictures i've been taking. BTW:important message: I'm looking for a new camera! My sony DLSR is being a douche. I'm looking for a not too expensive DLSR, OR rather a compact camera such as the olympus pen. Just for taking pictures for my blog, and when i'm out travelling and stuff. I want good quality though. IF any of you have any tips, than hit it on my comment box! Thanks so much. :) 

 ma glitter shoes<33

daddy lookin flyyy

  our own tomatoes!!

 our dinner table moved out!!

serious face. lol. 

happy days!!!!



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