Sunday, October 25

...just another boring sunday ? try your own HOME SPA!


- Mash up to strawberries with a teaspoon of soft brown sugar. Gently rub the mixture over the face, concentrating on the area around the nose and chin. Rinse off with cold water.
- Mix one tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of fine oatmeal. Gently rub over your face and wash off with warm water. (i tried this version, and you might want to make sure your honey is runny, or just add some water for a more liquidy substance.)

MASKS : EITHER MASHED UP BANANA OR MASHED UP AVOCADO WITH HONEY. LEAVE ON FOR ABOUT 10 MIN. (you can also put cooled cucumber slices/cotton pads in cooled weak tea, over your eyes).

Steam is great for your skin. It opens pores, improves circulation of blood and helps cleanse the skin of impurities. Wash your faceand tie your hair back. Pour boiling water into a bowl or sink. Then position yourself with your head over the bowl. Put a towel of your head so it also covers the rim of the bowl. This is also great for your lungs.
When you're done, after about five minutes, splash your face with cold water (to close pores). Finish with a toner or rose water or aloe vera gel.


- YUMMY SCRUMMY CHOCOLATE BODY SCRUB. Five tablespoons of sunflower oil, four tablespoons of soft brown sugar and one heaped teaspoon of cocoa (NOT drinking chocolate- the real thing). Mix and apply on your skin while in the shower. Rinse it off with your favorite soap or body wash. Your skin will fell like VELVET.
- SUGAR AND LIME BODY SCRUB. Five tablespoons of olive oil, four tablespoons of caster sugar and five drops of lime essential oil. Be careful using essential oils, they are very concentrated. Breathe in deeply as you apply it and imagine you are in a Caribbean lime grove.

And what is more refreshing than a PERFECT smoothie afterwards.
- two handfuls of frozen mixed berries, a glass of GOOD orange juice, a banana and BLEND IT IN. YUMMMYYY.
have a great sunday!

Friday, October 23

stand by me -
i saw this movie at school today, why haven't i seen it before?

his glasses are epic.


what a hunk

Tuesday, October 6


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