Friday, February 27

Monday, February 23

yeaah, winter holidays are so nice (anywhere else but stavanger).
another weekend in Sauda, Svandalen. Digg ass. A little rain on Saturday, but it was great.

Me and my mom have started a detox week today. No meat, chicken, egg, sugar, milk, cheese, cream, butter, margarine, no food containing wheat (bread, biscuits, croissants, pastry..), chips, chocolate, coffee & tea, salt or fizzy drinks. You're probably thinking, 'shit she must be starving' but actually i'm just fine. We still have fruit, vegetables, nuts, oats, seeds, natural yogurt, rice, fish & noodles to eat.

Recently, the Oscars has also taken place. Slumdog millionaire ( I really wanna see!) , won 8 prizes and is said to be an amazing movie. Also the curios case of benjamin button won 3 oscars. Heath Ledger, who died last year, also won an oscar for supporting role in the dark night. so touching.

Hope everyone (who has winter holiday this week) is having a great holiday !

Wednesday, February 18


... is being launched in Norway the 19th of February.

"Nå får H&Ms kunder muligheten til å innrede og forandre hjemmene sine raskt og enkelt med det nye tekstile innredningskonseptet. Og det til gode priser. H&M Home tilbyr innredning til priser som gjør det enkelt å fornye hjemmet, slik at alle rom i huset kan innredes på en stilfull og trendy måte." -

Sunday, February 15

Happy (late) Valentine !
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging since Monday. I had a presentation about Knut Hamsun (a norwegian author) at school on thursday and this weekend I've been in Bergen. I stayed with my friend Oda and went to try my "bunad" (Norway's national costume) for my confirmation. So far it looks really nice.
Oslo Fashion week & fashion fair has been going on this week aswell. I really wanted to go but I didn't have time. SO next year I'm going.

Monday, February 9

Louis Vuitton & Stephen Sprouse

If you can find one person who doesn't like Louis Vuitton's tribute to stephen sprouse ... let me know.


A fashion designer and artist who died in 2004, 44 years old. Day-Glo bright, sixties-inspired, graffiti-printed fashion collections. Marc Jacobs a friend & fan of his work, made a tribute to him through his leopard print collection Fall/Winter 2007. Louis Vuitton is now making a tribute with Marc Jacobs on a collection Marc & Stephen worked on which has never been shown.


Graffiti & Neon Colours.

Wednesday, February 4

finally some snow , but its about two months late...

me and my lovely orange Dolomite jacket and Uggs

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