Monday, February 17

Starstruck fashion obsessed teen

Well well well, this weekend has been quite a whirlwind of happiness, stress and all in all fun. My best friend from Norway came down and we had a lovely classy fashion-ista foodie weekend in London. We ate awesome food!! (CAN I RECCOMEND: Electric Diner for honey fried chicken wings and the knickerbacker glory, granger &co for delish aussie goodness and yauatcha for amazing chinese dimsum.)

And then. yes, and then. We stood outside two of the fashion shows: Topshop and Burberry. Since we have no invites, as we are not top bloggers, fashion editors or celebs of any kind we stood outside looking at all the glory. May i say, the fashion world is quite exquisite. Yes, I imagined amazing clothes, glowing faces and details of perfection. But wow, in real life. After, Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, Daisy Lowe, MIA, Carine Rotfield, Mario Testino, HARRY STYLES, Bradley Cooper, Tanya Burr and many more, i was exhausted. too much in one weekend.
However can i say to those who came across like human beings floating above everyone else because they are invited to fashion week: In the end, everyone lives together as similar human beings.  so arrogant fashionistas, calm down.

(unedited pics, just wanted to post! EXCITED)

me and tanya! OHYE


Tuesday, February 11


Love thissss. especially its color. it's difficult to show u properly in my pictures so check it out here: ZARA


like for fancy uni room in background ;) 

Thursday, February 6

Raising money for charity!

Hello Everyone, 

In July I am going to Morocco with Childreach International, to build a learning centre for children so they can learn Arabic and French. This will help the children in the local villages to be able to prosper through education, and improve their quality of life!  It is truly an amazing cause, and will help unlock children's potential in places they would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. If you would like to find out more visit

BUT to be able to go I have to raise enough money! If would be lovely if you could donate at my page:


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