Tuesday, April 15

has spring sprung?

Don't let the sun deceive you!! ITS BLOODY FREEZING. come on norway, heat it up! 
I'm on my easter break studying for exams, which I am so looking forward to getting done with. Also trying to decide what to do this summer. work? travel? go to a place and work AND vacay? ahhh, any suggestions? 

Anyway, here's an outfit. New sunglasses and dress from ASOS :) 

excuse my hair, its a bit cool-ish-messy-windy-chic. 

dress & sunnies//asos


Friday, April 11

halter tops

seem to be in trend atm. love them. 
i wanna pull em off this summah. 

Saturday, March 29

girl crush

wooow. i love this girls style. 
check her instagram here

oh australianzzz and there cool chilled beachy summery vibes

Wednesday, March 26

kawaii japanese street style

i  love the fun and colorful spirit, but also how serious they are about their outfits and their determination.


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