Saturday, May 24

Lookbook part 2

Soooo here are the next two outfits from our lookbook. I've now finished exams BTW and having an existential crisis about what my purpose in life is. In between having a job, summer vacation and end of freshers?! Someone help. Maybe take me to an island, where there is good weather, hot guys and good music. I sound like a superficial biatch, but that is what i need. 

On a lighter note LOL, take a look at our beautiful poses. 

(girl to the right - behind the cameraaaa)







Josie said...

You'll find out what it is you wanna do! You both look awesome, again x

Josie’s Journal

melissa said...

perfect shoes ladies!

Yuka said...

i love your bag!

Eline said...

That motelrocks dress is so beautiful!

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