Sunday, April 26

I'm sitting at home preparing for oral exams i am having on wednesday, which isn't fun.
this is what im having my exam on:



Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet, Black Lily Headband and bracelet, Frey Wille necklace and ring

Here's some jewelry that i got for my confirmation. Love it all <3
The Thomas Sabo Charms are just amazing, and i can't believe i got black lily stuff that i wanted. And the Frey Wille jewelry is to die for. don't you think?
this is yumm

Tuesday, April 21

Every week until summer break, is stuffed with tests, exams and various happenings. this means not as many posts as expected. already this week there are two tests and my confirmation (the speech is not going well i must add). Next week we also have oral exams. sucks, i know.

BUT the upside is i get money for my confirmation and guess what i spending that on (:D)
My mom wants me to give half of it to charity though ... but i guess time will show.

I am in love with Black Lily's accessories !

Thursday, April 16

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( 2007-2008)

oh i-D, why can't you make your way to Norway? please.


Monday, April 13

Vintage Monday

Maybe I should start with Vintage Mondays, or instead Vintage day of the week because i probably wouldn't post every Monday. Hah. So anyway I just wanted to show a vintage shop i found on the internet recently ..

Etsy- Kelseygenna
She makes all her dresses her self, arent they the cutest?

Thursday, April 9

the cutest jewelry ever ... x
click the link above for more .

Monday, April 6

summer, please

shorts- seven jeans, black t-shirt - mads nørgaard, sweater - tracker, steps dansestudio (where I dance), sunglasses - cheap monday

its getting warmer ... thank goodness for that.

Sunday, April 5

happy easter


p.s - (i bought the cheap monday wayfarers i wanted for my birthday money )

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