Tuesday, April 22

Healthy Lunch

MM, just made myself a lovelyyy lunch. I love eating healthy and clean and thought I'd start sharing some of my day-to-day recipes with you. 

Today's salad: Sweet Potato and Chicken

- Some Grilled chicken
(I just broke some of the breast of a whole grilled chicken. Normal portion sizes vary from 150-200-250 g... you choose :) 
- Sweet Potato 
( I used half a biiig one)
- Rocket Salad
- Cucumber
- Pear slices
I used about half a pear)
- You can really incorporate whatever veggies; tomatoes, peppers, ...

  1. Cut the sweet potato in slices, and then quarter them ( makes it easier and faster to cook). Optional: When cooked, mash them and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Rinse the rocket salad 
  3. Slice and dice cucumber and pear
  4. Put everything into bowl including chicken and voilá

I also like to add a little flavor. Sometimes I just use olive oil (great for skin and hair) and balsamic vinegar. You can however mix it with some mustard (dijon) and honey, and it'll make a great vinaigrette. 

There you go! A great yummy salad high in protein :)

Food blog

Food blog

Food blog

Food blog 

Food blog

Monday, April 21

Selling clothes and shoes!

Hei alle norske der ute - Jeg selger nå en del sko og klær til inntekt for veldedighet! (Childreach International, childreach.org.uk). check it out! Ganske mye fint! ALLE penger går til veldediget!

Går og ann å donere her: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/amalieespeland1

HEY everybody I'm selling clothes and shoes

 for charity! Check it out - all the money goes to my big buld project for Childreach International (childreach.org.uk)

You can also donate money here: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/amalieespeland1

Two of the awesome things you can buy: 


Sunday, April 20

easter break

man, the weather has really picked up! mmm so sunny, a bit windy but a bit warmer. Been spending time at my summer cabin. lovely days. 
BTW, i would love a blog makeover. anyone know template/blog designers? 

happy easter everyoooone! 

 my dads old jacket. haha, summer!

happy days


Tuesday, April 15

has spring sprung?

Don't let the sun deceive you!! ITS BLOODY FREEZING. come on norway, heat it up! 
I'm on my easter break studying for exams, which I am so looking forward to getting done with. Also trying to decide what to do this summer. work? travel? go to a place and work AND vacay? ahhh, any suggestions? 

Anyway, here's an outfit. New sunglasses and dress from ASOS :) 

excuse my hair, its a bit cool-ish-messy-windy-chic. 

dress & sunnies//asos


Friday, April 11

halter tops

seem to be in trend atm. love them. 
i wanna pull em off this summah. 

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