Tuesday, December 20


HOly  christmas!!! (soon)  I don't think I've had this big of a blog break before. I've had such a lot to do at school, and now i just got sick. woopwoop. not good. i mean its christmas!!
Anywhoo, cuz i got time i can blog some stuff i find nice. (sorry, no pictures of the sicko me)

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Monday, November 28


woo! 400 followers! thankyouuuu!!

some random stuff. two favy watches. first one: technomarine (mymomshehe) 2nd one: Skagen (mydadshehe)

Oh, and the camera in the middle is a fisheye camera. I've used up my first film already, can't wait to see them!


Monday, November 14


Hey guys!
This weekend I was at an Amnesty youth gathering in Oslo, and got together with other teenagers from all over Norway, to discuss and taking action in Amnesty's different researches and cases. I had a great time, and I learnt a great deal about being an activist and how much it means! IF YOU want help out and become engaged, and become a member, visit HERE. Also, to find out your local amnesty groups, and what you can do to help, visit Amnesty's website HERE.  (norway: http://www.amnesty.no/) 
It's very inspiring and for such good causes, I encourage you all to become a member, or at LEAST sign these petitions: (!!!)   All you have to do is click take action on the bottom of the page, and fill in your details. Or you can first click on your own country at the top of the page, and find petitions from there and sign. 

Afghan woman rights

Clean up oil spill in Niger Delta 

Stop the death of Reggie Clemons 

Some examples. now, GO AMNESTY!


Thanks to amnesty! Follow them on twitter HERE :)  and norwegian page: HERE 


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