Friday, May 31

Wednesday, May 29


So, my mom recently got me these funky tights. i love them, they're quirky but really fun. 

watch//mom's old gucci
grey sweater//acne
white linen tee//h&m

Monday, May 27

Mara Hoffman

Okey, I  just have to share this. WHY IS EVERYTHING SHE DOES SO PERFECT. I love the prints to death. I don't know - it just attracts my attention. onnomnom. yes, mara, yes!! 

see more here and here and here


Sunday, May 26


 Me & my friends wearing our "russe-bukser" (look it up, it's AWESOME)

Yummy 17th of may (norwegian independance day) breakfast! with champagne and apple juice. yum.

And here's my breakfast for today. YUMM

 oh, and only the best graduation gift ever by the best parents ever. <3 nbsp="" p="">

And now that i'm done with school, I can read anything i want! WAR & PEACE, bring it on.

PEACE AND LOVE, i will be blogging a lot more now! 


Tuesday, May 7


Omg, I am totally done with psychology and physics FOREVER.  5/13 exams done!!! Soo, I decided to treat myself. New in from monki, LOVE the sale there.


BTW, i'm all better now. Just have a cold.  only a week left of exams!!

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