Monday, May 27

Mara Hoffman

Okey, I  just have to share this. WHY IS EVERYTHING SHE DOES SO PERFECT. I love the prints to death. I don't know - it just attracts my attention. onnomnom. yes, mara, yes!! 

see more here and here and here



Beny Ricardo said...

Love all the print stuff here,.. looks like its so pretty yet artistic!

Beny Ricardo!/

Alicia said...

love this prints!!!! i like so much xxx

Sofia Donatelli said...

I love the prints! And that maxi dress is gorgeous!!

If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. I would love to read your feedback. Thank you :)


Alice in La La said...

gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
check out our new blog – we’re hosting a giveaway to win a ‘First Light’ outfit!

lots of love from La-La Land

Dphenice said...

Oh god. Every swimsuit I see that I love, it's always by Mara Hoffman. I especially love this piece:

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