Monday, March 30

wow, has H&M just gone up a notch or what ?

On April 23, approximately 200 H&M store locations worldwide will offer the first part of the collection for spring. Beginning May 14, a summer collection for men and women will be available in all 1,700 H&M store locations worldwide. This will be the first time an H&M designer collaboration collection is available in all stores and will mark Williamson’s menswear debut.

The Matthew Williamson for H&M collection will have the same vibrant style that has made the London designer a fashion celebrity. Key pieces from the collection include a bias-cut, butterfly printed dress with grosgrain straps paired with a cashmere sweater that includes peacock embroidery over one shoulder. The look is reminiscent of one of Williamson’s favorites, dating back to his first show in 1997. Also included in the collection are pieces inspired by Williamson’s most recent runway collection such as an electric blue tuxedo with bold color-blocking. “The color blocking provides innovative style to the look whether worn over jeans, biker or cigarette pants,” says Williamson.

Friday, March 27

Here comes the sun, dudindudu ...

skirt-H&M, coat-Saint Tropez, scarf- H&M, flats- bianco footwear

This is what I wore at my friends birthday yesterday (we turned off lights for earth hour , did you?) .. I bought this lovely skirt and jacket on friday, roaming around town with a friend. I've been planning to buy this jacket for a long time now and now i finally came around to it. I absolutely adore it ! Now that the sun is out and it's SLOWLY turning into spring I can happyily wear my lovely jacket ..


8:30 PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth, Saturday 28th March.

As a member of WWF today I am not going to blog about fashion or interests, but the environment. Tomorrow from 8:30/20:30 - 9:30/21:30 the earth hour is taking place. All over the world, people are going to turn off all their lights and electricity for an hour.

This is fantastic and it saves A LOT of electricity. SO TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS, THIS IS HISTORICAL.

info about earth hour:




Monday, March 23

yesterday i was a model, along with about 15 other girls, for this dress shop in stavanger called AGAPE.
We wore dresses from their new spring collection. Katrine Sørland was there to help us. this was A LOT OF FUN!

50 bucks to those of you can guess what this is :

i found this in my schoolbag, along with a bottle of water and some bracelets ..
man all the stuff i manage to store in my bag without noticing, ... i should get an award for this :)
anyway, you wanna know what it is?
It's a linoleum tool we're currently using at school in art class ... yeah
and im still wondering how the heck it ended up in my bag.

Friday, March 20

damn, how hot is this bag? pretty damn hot, it costs you 10 000 kr. talk about spending money.

Tuesday, March 17

Anybody else got mamma mia fever?

These songs have been on my mind for a couple days now, amanda seyfried does have an amazing voice.


Monday, March 16

yes, yes. new staash.
A few days ago I bought new tank tops from H&M (because i was in desperate need!). H&M has everything... go H&M! I also bought this lovely, pink Acne sweater. I love it! It has a kind of 80s look to it and it's sooo comfy. When i first put it on , i never wanna take it off.
Speaking of Acne in a few weeks, a guy I know who works at Abstinenz & Pes, is opening an Acne shop here in Stavanger. I am so the first one to put a foot inside of that shop!

Anyway, homework calls ...

acne ss 09

Wednesday, March 11

She's glamorous. She looks fabulous. She has gorgeous hair. She even has a beauty mark.

It's Marilyn Monroe.

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