Wednesday, March 11

She's glamorous. She looks fabulous. She has gorgeous hair. She even has a beauty mark.

It's Marilyn Monroe.


Elizabeth said...

those are amazing photos of her!

Emmy said...

love these pictures of her, she looks so natural and HEALTHY which is a lovely change from the normal pictures of emaciated models :-)

she's absolutely lovely. timeless.

maali-lifestyle said...

yes i know!
i love these pictures :)

Lauren said...

She's so gorgeous.

x x x

The AstroCat said...

She is my favourite

anywhere I lay my head said...

Så fine bilder. Elsker henne, også har hun former!

Tusen takk for den søte kommentaren!

Ella said...

Hun var nydelig!!

amalie said...

ikke sant? :)


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