Monday, March 23

yesterday i was a model, along with about 15 other girls, for this dress shop in stavanger called AGAPE.
We wore dresses from their new spring collection. Katrine Sørland was there to help us. this was A LOT OF FUN!

50 bucks to those of you can guess what this is :

i found this in my schoolbag, along with a bottle of water and some bracelets ..
man all the stuff i manage to store in my bag without noticing, ... i should get an award for this :)
anyway, you wanna know what it is?
It's a linoleum tool we're currently using at school in art class ... yeah
and im still wondering how the heck it ended up in my bag.


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

you look so gorgeous, beautiful dresses!

ROBOTS said...

very cool blog! loved your pics. xx

Rachel Lynne said...

Modeling must be totally fun! Are you working with clay in art? We should exchange links.
with love,
rachel lynne

Twobreadsplease said...

You look lovely! And i've cut my hand with one of those linoleum cutter things before, owwy. x

She's Dressing Up said...

Love your hair in the modelling pics! Haha, you thief with the art tool! =]

The Fabulous Girl said...

wow very pretty dresses. u are so lucky to model them

amalie said...

rachel lynne: it was fun! id love to exchange links :)
twobreadsplease: me too, it hurts!
shes dressing up: i guess i am a thief ^^

thanks everybody xx

Stephanie said...

your blog is adorable!!!!! :)


zoë said...

ouuuh lucky !
that sounds like so much fun .
& the dresses are terrific :]

modern antoinette said...

This looked like so mch fun. You look so pretty.


Casey said...

How fun! I want to be a model for a day!

And I totally knew what that tool was :] I was very proud of myself.

HEK said...

Du er kjempepen!:)

Og hei, jeg visste hva det var før du sa det, har gått tegning, form og farge, hehe.. Har også rare verktøy slengende overalt;) said...

Ooh, så gøy! Katrine sørland virker veldig hyggelig synes jeg :p

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