Sunday, September 30

wolves & bucks

Just found this photography blog with gorgeous black and white pictures. Partly owned by the gorgeous blogger Adeline Rapon. 

Friday, September 28


Well, as Kenzo opened this year with a completely new look, i kind of well.... loved it. so fresh! so here we go, their collecioneeee. 


Wednesday, September 26


Together, fighting breast cancer, Missoni and the scandinavian store Lindex teamed up to make an affordable collection. and boy did me and my mom love this collection! 

Dress and skirt, yum

and a cardigan. love me some cardy like this for fall!
i kinda like the mix of the shirt and cardigan. kinda ugly-cool? i dunno. 

me sayinn hellooo! anyway, have a nice day! 


Sunday, September 23

autumn leaves


starting to get so ready for fall. mmm

totally kraving kenzo's new collection btw. 


Friday, September 21

Leo part 2

Yeah, i like these pants so much I decide to post them again! wow, we got a bad ass over here. 

and btw, some photos of my new room. yay!! 

banksy is on my wall!! 


Monday, September 17


WELL HELLO PEOPLE.... or whoever who happens to come across my blog.  I've started to realize that i can't be a blogger "blogging" at this rate. I mean, i'm losing readers as we speak. 5, .. 4.. only a matter of time before this blog goes in the ditch. As a matter of fact, I think it's already halfway with its back legs in the ditch. In order to crawl up though, i'm using the last of my arm power and fighting through. I will not fall completely!! The ditch is not my friend.

SO. new beginnings people! First of all, i have awesome news! I am leaving for new york this fall break. AND i have a awesome giveaway coming up!! SO be prepared. STAY TUNED. i will show you my latest life achievements, if you can call them that, since last time i touched your hearts with my words....

 festival streetstyle. totesss

 RXR festival was willddd. Here First Aid Kit, Kent, and LMFAO

 amnestyy ggogo!


Anywayss, as mentioned, i have some goodies for you all. New purchases, giveaways.. and yeah. so pleaseee, come back. haha, what has become of me. (read: desperate blogger in need of readers)

P.S! and a big one too. I am leaving for New York in 2 weeks, ANY TIPS???? HIT ME!! 


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