Tuesday, February 26


jeans//Topshop (Leigh)

Well well, London was amazing. Seriously my fave city. Anywayz, I bought these shoes after pondering a long while, and after amazing help and persuasion ability from the shop assistant. (Young man you were awesome, if you see this hit me up. and be my personal stylist?) Anyway. I went to a one direction concert as well, hah, i'm  massive fan. So, basically it was amazeballs. 
I also bought this top from zara. I love the printed texture on it. Gives it that edge. Also, these pants are amazing. Leigh pants from topshop. IF you have NOT worn these, YOU MUST. so comfy. 

Peace, love & rubber gloves 

Friday, February 22

DIY shirt

Sooo, I bought this Monki shirt on sale, and I decided I wanted to change it up a bit. It was very long, so i wanted to shorten it and cut off the sleeves for a more summer-y look. Here's a little DIY tutorial on how I did it, hope it inspires you.

I wanted to go for a no-sleeve look, soo


I drew with a pencil how I wanted my shirt to look. I wanted to go for a deep opening on the sides.


Next you start cutting. If you want to rip of the sleeves, you can rip it by the seam. It gives a better result instead of only cutting. If you turn the shirt inside out, you can use a  seam cutter or scissors to cut off the thread and pull it out. Then start ripping when the seams are loose enough. 


So, if you want yours a  bit scruffy and edgy, take a cheese grater and just grate the seems and other areas. (This is a great tip for Denim as well, if you use a cheese grater to rub against the fabric, it gives a scruffy ripped effect)

4. Adjust each side if they're not completely perfect,  and BOOM. you got yo self a nice DIY cut off shirt. PERFECT FOR SUMMER :)

5. OPTIONAL. You can also add studs, patterns and fabric or more holes to the tshirt, giving it a more personal look. I'm thinking of sowing a pattern with colorful thread on the collar. If i can get around to it!

One example :) HAVE FUN!

Monday, February 18


My friend ANNIE is such a great photographer! Give her some love and visit her blog :) 

photos of me, by ANNIE 

Thursday, February 7

Winter break bitchez

Well well, 8/13 mock exams done! This week has passed quite quickly. I am so ready for winter break! I'm going to Chamonix with my family. Have any of you been? Looks amazing anywhooo.

Here's 1 and half outfits from the past days. Lol,  mami is never gonna get her parka back is she. 

//super comfy nike sweater, super comfy leggings from cheap monday, parka from woolrich, shoes from new balance,  dress tee thing NN07, hat from american apparell //

I think i have a thing for crazay tights. 



Monday, February 4

I dunno

Exams all week!! gahh!! wish me luck :( 

i kinda wanna be at fashion week instead, but ok. 

btw, check out josh record! he's on itunes with a new album! buybuybuy!


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