Friday, April 26


Thanks for kind comments on my last post :) I am feeling much better, drinking tea and sleeping well to make the restitution project quicker. However, headaches are still not to be avoided now and then. All is good though. 

Meanwhile, the norwegian "russefeiring" (google it) is under way. So my illness is like, totally, perfect timing with exams and all. 

With exams and all being the center of attention these upcoming weeks, I'm afraid blogging has to be discouraged. However, after the 16th of May, y'all should be buzzing (I am at least) because I AM THEN DONE WITH 13 YEARS OF SCHOOL. Jeezus. Seems crazy. To be graduating is very surreal. Feels like it was yesterday that I started high school, with little knowledge of how quickly time goes. TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVIN FUN HEY. (HO)

Anyway, all though my blog is low priority, I very much think my TUMBLR is going to be very much alive. So if you would like to see my life ramblings, and funny/cool fashion stuff, oh and hot guys, oh and FOOD, you can follow me there. 

On that note, I'll leave you with a healthy lunch tip! 

Salmon Burgers with Sweet Potato

I fried 150/200g Salmon Burger (I bought the salmon burgers at the local store, but you can make them using one of these recipes) for like 10 min on the pan with some oil. 
Boiled 150 g Sweet Potato (chopped up) for about 5-10 minutes. 
Then i added dressing (Your preferred dressing!) I used Rhode Island Dressing and Jalapenos Relish. 

Also, another tip:

For a light snack, or to have with the salmon burgers, you can dry pan Pine nuts and/or any nut you would like. Super Scrummy :) 

btw, totally loving the dungaree style nowadays. 
asos/topshop/zara? GIMME? 


Tuesday, April 23


Well these last few days have been a bit dramatic. On friday i had an epileptic seizure, and had to be picked up by the ambulance from school. I had to spend friday night in the hospital which was awful, and I have been way to tired/ dizzy to revise for exams which start next week. So basically i'm doomed. Now i want you all to know that i have never had an epileptic seizure in my life, and this did come as a shock (especially for my friend who was the only one sharing a room with me at the time). We think it might have been caused from  hitting my head really bad. Or maybe from way to much stress. No one really knows. So these days have been really wierd, and i've been feeling extra tired and dizzy. Which explains why i haven't been posting. Anyways, I can't wait for school and exams to be over and I'll be a free woman! Meanwhile these pictures are very mouthwatering....

And head over to my mom's new project! TRY-IT  Wine-tasting trips for anyone who is interested in a trip to italy, spain or france :)

(me in italy last year)  aztectop//allsaints 

SO in NORWAY we have this thing called "russ" that happens in april/may in our last year of high school. You can read about it HERE. Some new cultural insight for ya :) 


oh, and lottie hall is my new favie designerrr.

on insearchofsadie in the last pic

hope you all are doing well, and that your brain wave activity is functioning as normal! Eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise!! 

BTW, follow me tumblr blog HERE 


Saturday, April 13


ahh, ksubiiiii 

someone very  nice please sponsor a piece of two? 



Tuesday, April 9

Leopard print

I AM FREAKIN AMAZED, the sun has been out like for almost two months now, CONTINOUSLY. like wtf norway? SO happy. So i'm celebrating with my new skirt. yay. 

Thumbs up for my happyface! 

 Thumbs up for United Nations! 



Wednesday, April 3


well then, i've turned 19 todayyy!! Crayyyy 

love my denim shirt :) 

 photo 34199f8e-24c6-4f87-a031-6864272e7de3.jpg

 photo 30f9eb98-f50e-466d-9536-ae76a956e1b5.jpg

 photo c74de725-9f17-462a-9991-1914a06f0efa.jpg

 photo DSCF2305.jpg

got some new training gear among other things... 
get that summer bod huh 

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