Tuesday, December 30

cranford, not london

last cranford episode this evening. good series, great actors. dont you think --? x

Monday, December 29

back from sauda, sorry about the absence.
oh, and i didnt get the gucci bag and tickets to a john mayer concert.but HEY i got uggs, lips (singing game 4 x-box), aaand a haircurler. oh and a gift voucher + a few other things.
i guess i dont have pictures of either the prom or the dance performance (theyre on the other comp). i have a picture of me and my broken arm though. and our lovely christmas tree.

i found out that having a broken arm ... is shit.

Tuesday, December 23

20-21 dec.  --   dance fo life -  steps dance performance at Sandnes Kulturhus 


23 dec -- christmas tree o christmas tree

Wednesday, December 17

Yess, so here i sit at eleven o clock on msn. Today has been a busy day. I have been at my jazz- dance lesson (we're having a performance in the weekend). After that i rushed back to school and we had christmas games and entertainment for visitors, where everyone could come. Then, I went back home to write the christmas letter for this year. It turned out pretty awesome actually, we got to write whatever we wanted. "Our brother from another mother, JAY-Z" became a sentence when we were telling about our trip to Hove Festivalen. Maybe I should post it ? that would be fuun :D
Anywayy, I finished my 'RLE hefte' for tomorrow. AAND we're having out christmas school prom tomoroww ! yaaay. suuper excited.
well, im seriously tired. so, good night

Friday, December 12

christmas list

in case santa drops by x

1. Gucci UNICEF bag , hoho

2. VIP tickets to john mayer concert
John mayer is the bomb !

3. Movies (step up 2) , books, clothes, shoes (uggs), accesories, haircurler, osv.

Wednesday, December 10

partyy time

yes, we are crazy .. luv u guuys
taran, happy birthday (next week) x

Saturday, December 6


marius genseren is back , norges mest popiss strikkegenser.
yes , its named afer the war hero, actor , and fotomodel Marius Eriksen.

Marius Eriksen

even shit is a fan of marius

Saturday, November 29

rednelac stfig

yaay. the calender gifts are up. Only two days til the first of december, so excited ! oh and yes , i was right about the snow. Its gone:( buhhuuu. typical stavanger ...

Friday, November 21

its here!

Sitting in my room, listening to music ( thevoicedenmark) and looking out the window at the lovely snow . YES. SNOW. I LOVE IT. I bet it will all be washed away before christmas though. Oh , well i will enjoy it while its here. its here !

Monday, November 17

Costume Awards 2008

Costume Awards 2008. Vote for the best designer, best actress, shoe store, underwear label and more. Win a gift voucher worth 10.000 kroner at Paleet in Oslo.

Sex and the City

We all agree that the sex and the city movie was a blast ! right ?
it was a true story about love, friendship and fashion.
Now, Kim Cattral has comfirmed that there is going to be a second
Sex and the City movie.



beauty tips

and found beauty tips. I came to find they're quite useful.


"Just a slick of moisture will make your lips look pretty, even without the addition of colour.
One tip to keep your lips soft is :
Put a small anount of salt (or sugar, depending on your taste) into a bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil and mix. Dip your finger into the mixture and gently rub over your lips using circular movements. This will get rid of any dry skin, and also improve the appearance of your lips by increasing blood circulation. "


You may do it your self or see other people doing it. Pumping the wascara wand in and out of the tube trying to get more mascara. DONT DO THIS. It pushes air into the tube which makes the mascara dry more quickly.

Tea and Cucumber.
If you have sore, puffy or tired eyes, try one- or both - of the following
- Camomile tea bags. Camomile calms and soothes. Soak a couple of camomile tea bags in cold water and then out them on your eyes for 10 - 15 min.
- Cucumber patches. Slice an ice-cold cucumber straight from the fridge. Place a slide over each eye and relax to 10 -15 min. This especially good for de-puffing and brightening the whites of you eyes.
- Mash up to strawberries with a teaspoon of soft brown sugar. Gently rub the mixture over the face concentrating on the area around the nose and chin. Rince off with cold water.
- Mixone tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of fine oatmeal. Gently rub over you face and wash off with warm water
- You can mash up banana or mashed avocado with a little bitof honey are moiturizing and full of goodness. Leave for 10 minutes (try not to eat the mask).


Everytime you sleep with makeup, your skin becomes 7-8 days older. SO BE CAREFUL.

Voss water , from norway, has been for a long time a celebrity hit.
Now a new bottled water has come from the glacier of Hardanger.
Isklar. Is this going to be a new celeb hit ? ^

To read more about this water, go to isklar.no

new model

Snejana Onopka from Ukraine, is the new topmodel.

She's one of the models from east-europe who is doing well within modelling. She now lives
in New York in her own house, aswell as owning a few apartments in Ukraine.
She loves shopping and has her favorites: Chanel, Prada og Gucci. She wishes to study
juice/law when her modelling career is over.

"My dream is to become a defenceattorney. I know it's difficult,
but it is something I am really interested in, so i'm going
to try my best."
- Snejana Onopka

Sunday, November 16

celebrity party


uhuuh, hust been at a celebrity party . I was dressed as madonna , with a body and thights and everything. it was awesomme =D My friend who was avril came first place , and came in tied second place with Amy Whinehouse . We each won a chocolate, mmm ..

Friday, November 7

Premiere - Quantum of solace

Just saw the new james bond movie - quantum of solace .
So awesome ! The actors were great , especially Ian Flemming.
He does a great job as Bond. Every part of the
movie contained tension and excitement.
This is a MUST SEE! =D

EMA awards

The Europe Music Awards in Liverpool where nine celebrities got away with an awards of their own, happened the 6th of November.

Europe's favorite act = Emyre Aydin
Rock Out = 30 seconds to mars
Ultimate Urban = Kanye West
Act of 2008 = Britney Spears
New Act = Katy Perry
Best Act Ever = Rick Astley
Most Addictive track = P!nk "So what"
Headliner = Tokio Hotel
Album of the year = Britney Spears " Blackout"

I was actually shocked that the Album of the year went to "blackout" by Britney Spears, I don't like her that much. All the crazy things she has done ?
Altough , It was cool that Kanye West got an award. He is soo awessome ! =D
And of course , Katy Perry is cool and she deserved an award.

Barrack Obama

yay ! Barack Obama as president ! =D

the first black president of America , and to think a few years ago
this would be unspeakable ! `
I think Obama is going to be a great president .

Sunday, November 2

November time

Sorry , haven't been blogging for a while. Been way too busy.
Schools started , we had a school play " Gosenrevyen" .
Halloween has just been .

BUT now , im ready again.

It's November time, schools well started ,
and only a month away from christmas calender .

anybody excited ? :D

Thursday, July 17


Yesterday I went down to the grocery store, and some big red berries reminded me to:

not forget buy raspberries, strawberries and cherries! They're in season and goood !

beautiful norway

Today I went shopping with my mom. We went to a cool clothes shop in "JÆREN" called Christins. They have lots of fun and cute dresses there, and shoes. Is this the cutest summer dress you've ever seen or what ? (And check out the cute shoes if you can see them).
we also went to the shopping mall , and another cute shop. AND i bought this reaaaly cool jeans, knee length.

agyness deyn


She's the biggest style-icon for this summer 2008, has a nr 1 sense of style and became Model of the year 2007. How much cooler could you get ?


Born in Failsworth, Manchester, 16 Febuary 1983.

She calls herself an english patriot and she loves Queen Elizabeth.

June 23 rd, she let out her single "who" along with her band Five O clock Heroes.

She worked at a fish'n'chips shop until they noticed her as a 18 year old .

Wednesday, July 16



Summerdrink .

Mix cranberry juice with a little fizzy water and maybe a twist of lemon or lime.

refreshing in the sun !

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