Wednesday, February 29


ohhmyyy food heavenn. If you like scrumptious cakes and gorgeous pictures of girls eating these cakes making them look even more scrumptious, TAKE A LOOK.  this is for YOU. how nice am I
This is a recipe lookbook of delicious desserts that are gluten, dairy and soy-free. 


(the photos link to the different recipes) 



Friday, February 24

Man Repeller

A blog everyone should read! haha, she is so hilarious and i love her style! also, love her little step by step layer DIYs too! 

Thursday, February 16

don't miss out on all the beautiful colors of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold

gosh, i love this title. favie quote ever!! 
Anyway,  I have winter holiday now. YES. me and my friend are home alone are crazy shit is about to go down! haha. I'm usually psyched about winter after summer and fall, but i'm not feeling it this year. All i dream about is summer. ahh... miss it so muchh. lazy days, sun, music, concerts, sunbathing, hanging out with ur best friends... jeez.

threw in this last picture of me by my friend annie... love the lighting.


Wednesday, February 1


some pics of me that my friend annie took. haha, was wondering whether i should post these or not. but here goes! 

also, some summer reminiscin' 


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