Monday, August 5

Take a chill pill

I love wearing these pants and this top. so comfy. 

oh, and i like stealing my bro's hat when my hair's kinda wierd. 

off to thailand on thursday!!! ANY TIPS?? 


Sunday, August 4


Hey guys!

Weather update: rain and thunder and lightning the past 2 days!! Cray. I can't wait to get away
On thursday I'm leaving for Thailand with 2 friends! We're going to be backpacking for 3 weeks. SOooo, i as wondering if you all are interested in me updating from my mobile? Or posting my instagram photos to blogger? That way you all are updated!! Yeahhh.

Anyways, here are some instagram photos taken latelyyy.

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Friday, August 2

festival vibez

LISTEN TO: if only as a ghost - Jonas Alaska
Tears in my eyes!! 

  Little green cars! 


Tallest man on earth and his lady singing. Most romantic thing I've ever seen.  

 BUBBLE TEA!! the only one in norway, hah! t√łnsberg, u goood



SLOTTSFJELL festival in T√łnsberg, Norway. had so much fun!!! 
Jonas Alaska, Tallest Man on Earth, Biffy Clyro, Kendrick Lamar, ... endlesssss fun.


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