Wednesday, December 17

Yess, so here i sit at eleven o clock on msn. Today has been a busy day. I have been at my jazz- dance lesson (we're having a performance in the weekend). After that i rushed back to school and we had christmas games and entertainment for visitors, where everyone could come. Then, I went back home to write the christmas letter for this year. It turned out pretty awesome actually, we got to write whatever we wanted. "Our brother from another mother, JAY-Z" became a sentence when we were telling about our trip to Hove Festivalen. Maybe I should post it ? that would be fuun :D
Anywayy, I finished my 'RLE hefte' for tomorrow. AAND we're having out christmas school prom tomoroww ! yaaay. suuper excited.
well, im seriously tired. so, good night

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