Monday, November 17

beauty tips

and found beauty tips. I came to find they're quite useful.


"Just a slick of moisture will make your lips look pretty, even without the addition of colour.
One tip to keep your lips soft is :
Put a small anount of salt (or sugar, depending on your taste) into a bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil and mix. Dip your finger into the mixture and gently rub over your lips using circular movements. This will get rid of any dry skin, and also improve the appearance of your lips by increasing blood circulation. "


You may do it your self or see other people doing it. Pumping the wascara wand in and out of the tube trying to get more mascara. DONT DO THIS. It pushes air into the tube which makes the mascara dry more quickly.

Tea and Cucumber.
If you have sore, puffy or tired eyes, try one- or both - of the following
- Camomile tea bags. Camomile calms and soothes. Soak a couple of camomile tea bags in cold water and then out them on your eyes for 10 - 15 min.
- Cucumber patches. Slice an ice-cold cucumber straight from the fridge. Place a slide over each eye and relax to 10 -15 min. This especially good for de-puffing and brightening the whites of you eyes.
- Mash up to strawberries with a teaspoon of soft brown sugar. Gently rub the mixture over the face concentrating on the area around the nose and chin. Rince off with cold water.
- Mixone tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of fine oatmeal. Gently rub over you face and wash off with warm water
- You can mash up banana or mashed avocado with a little bitof honey are moiturizing and full of goodness. Leave for 10 minutes (try not to eat the mask).


Everytime you sleep with makeup, your skin becomes 7-8 days older. SO BE CAREFUL.

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