Tuesday, April 22

Healthy Lunch

MM, just made myself a lovelyyy lunch. I love eating healthy and clean and thought I'd start sharing some of my day-to-day recipes with you. 

Today's salad: Sweet Potato and Chicken

- Some Grilled chicken
(I just broke some of the breast of a whole grilled chicken. Normal portion sizes vary from 150-200-250 g... you choose :) 
- Sweet Potato 
( I used half a biiig one)
- Rocket Salad
- Cucumber
- Pear slices
I used about half a pear)
- You can really incorporate whatever veggies; tomatoes, peppers, ...

  1. Cut the sweet potato in slices, and then quarter them ( makes it easier and faster to cook). Optional: When cooked, mash them and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Rinse the rocket salad 
  3. Slice and dice cucumber and pear
  4. Put everything into bowl including chicken and voilá

I also like to add a little flavor. Sometimes I just use olive oil (great for skin and hair) and balsamic vinegar. You can however mix it with some mustard (dijon) and honey, and it'll make a great vinaigrette. 

There you go! A great yummy salad high in protein :)

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Constance Murphy said...

That looks delicious and the best is that it is healthy, love it!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

This looks so yummy and healthy - the best combination! xE


Angela said...

Mmmm!!! Look so tasty!!!!
Angela Donava

Dressvise said...

Looks superyummy! Love the chicken!

XO from Germany


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