Tuesday, April 21

Every week until summer break, is stuffed with tests, exams and various happenings. this means not as many posts as expected. already this week there are two tests and my confirmation (the speech is not going well i must add). Next week we also have oral exams. sucks, i know.

BUT the upside is i get money for my confirmation and guess what i spending that on (:D)
My mom wants me to give half of it to charity though ... but i guess time will show.

I am in love with Black Lily's accessories !


kelse said...

who wouldn't be, those are gorgeous x

Krystal said...

this makes me want to shop!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love your picks here :)

F Blog said...

love the little leather bracelet!

jessica said...

cutesy little bow headbands :)
& giving half to charity wouldn't be a bad thing, something like warchild or onexone would be cool .

diane said...

the accessories are amazing. You were right to do it ! x

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

good luck with exams! i love all the headbands xx

zoƫ said...

good luck on all your exams !
i love the braided leather bracelets (if that is indeed what they are) .
great post lovvee ! xx

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love the bow headbands.

andrea said...

cool girl, would you like to write my a message in my blog?

Summer said...

Oh i like those bracelets,and what a lovely ruffles black bag.;D
Great photos here..;D


Solo said...

Love those cutie headbangs..;)
Thanks or sharing it.


modern antoinette said...

I love all of the bow headbands!! So cute. Ans that ruffled ack is also adorable.


Yamila said...

Very nice! All!!

jessica said...

ouh, i love the wallets :)

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