Tuesday, October 6


... the title says it all really. You can win a pair of UGG boots on whoogaboots! Who can resist a pair of UGG boots?

If you want to enter all you have to do is click HERE . Then copy the link/badge to your website, like i have done.

check out which pair of UGG boots you can win on whoogaboots.co.uk



(LOwe) said...


jessica said...

i JUST ripped my uggs a couple weeks ago :'[
they were two winters old, almost three .
i lurrrve uggs .

Paperface said...

I just can't get over how the front of that shoe looks like a burger bun. It always makes me think of burger buns.

nycrun said...

love the top pictures. on the right its a Peter Lindbergh.

nycrun said...

check it out

Natalie said...

i dont own uggs, but i've tried them on, they are soo comfy! :)



Clara said...

cool. but I can not use it where I live.
because here is hot all year round; /
would not be comfortable huhuh

Anonymous said...

very warm and nice, my girlfriend told me ;-)

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