Thursday, February 4


I think Scott is a great photographer i and i love his blog. I especially love when he takes photos of friends or/and family.  There is so much energy and happiness to the pictures that you start to feel  happy yourself.
Take a look:







(i don't know why this picture is so small - check out a bigger version HERE)




Unknown said...

Love his pictures as well, thanks for sharing. Such a great inspiration!!

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Thanks a million times!!!

Blicious said...

his pictures are amazing!!!!


Leah said...

I love his photography skills and I love that he can make his subjects feel at ease. He is the reason why I bought my 50mm 1.4 lens. xoxo

Xisca said...

I love these photos too! They give you a happiness feelin', don't u think so?

Bucca said...

He is a great photographer!

Rebecca said...

oh the smiles the smiles, and the clothes:D

Yuka said...

so cheerful and fashionable. love all of them.

jessica said...

i love all the sunnies in the first photo :)

& my email is

Shes Dressing Up said...

Yay, I love all of his photos of people smiling and being themselves =]

Jess said...

GREAT photos - I love it when stylish people smile :D

Faridah said...

loooove these. Such delightful images.

Anonymous said...

So lovely post!;))

Heart Charlie said...

I love these photos, the girls looks so happy and genuine ;) Really capturing the love!

jasmine said...

Agreed, his photos are always so beautiful and capture personality perfectly. And yay, you're also a young blogger!

Lisa Petrarca said...

I too am an avid follower...I guess its for the same reason but I hadn't really thought about it.

Marla Singer said...

he's a great photographer!
love all of the pictures! fifth one is my fave <33

Move said...

Im 100% agree with you!!, I love all his photos


Margaret said...

cutest post :)
love the blog!
stop by some time :) xx

EN VANITÉ said...

i saw him when he went to sydney :)

Susanna-Cole King said...

Yeah seeing friends or family together is always! Love what the twin sisters, in the second photo, are wearing!


Gloria fait son show said...

i just love these photos!! especially the first one with garance doré

Analisa said...

I love all their outfits in these pictures!

dotie said...

for sure!!
he not only photograph well but able to capture their personality..pure brilliant :)

eclectic du jour

Baro Lucas said...

I love the blog! I follow you! I hoe that you follow me, also!

A big kiss

Miiicha said...

his pictures are so nice !

|| M

Milk and Honey said...

These are so fun, It’s good to see stylish people smiling instead of pouting! Loving your blog

Mode Junkie said...

love these pics! i think the sartorialist is the godfather of streetstyle blogs. :)


anna bu said...

wow he does really cool happy!


Valerie said...

love too. one day I'm be in their position
great blog,follow and comment

Teresa said...

Yes, he really does an amazing job capturing photos! Great compilation of his pics!

angie said...

the first picture is fabulous and i love your header x x

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