Monday, February 15


Sorry, our school play is taking over my life. I don't think i'll be blogging until the weekend. I'm so extremely tired too! oh well being as positive as I am, the show is great and it's always fun spending time with your friends!


see more pictures here : rogalandsavis 



Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're having fun with your play. the pictures from your last post are really cute!

Grace said...

best to you with your play! Can't wait to see more regular postings.

Love Grace.

Unknown said...

it's perfect to get a break from the blogging world and just enjoy your own. Lovely blog (:

Alexandra said...

thanks for your comment!! you have a great blog :)


Jess said...

good luck with your play and looking forward to your return :)

fadetoblack said...

hope the play goes well :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Sounds like a great play! Hope you feel better soon! xoxoxxo

erin meagan said...

i love school plays. my school is putting on chicago!

fabiola talavera said...

really cute,
i love your intresting, they are so much like mine, we are almost the same age, Im 14!
follow please

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