Wednesday, December 15





jessica said...

mmmm coffee.
& so much amazing clothing, of course.

Abi said...

I'll take the boots from the first photo and everything from the second. Ta! And yes, that includes the starbuck beverage. hehe


perfect selection. i'd wear both of these! x

Mireille said...

I love these collages! And the movies: home alone and love actually. Have a nice x-mas!

xoxo Mireille

purse 'n boots said...

love your blog!!! and your snowy pics in your new shearling!! and these rad collages---i really need to figure out how to do these things!! seems so hard! and congrats on the acne sweater---im obsessed with acne too! although i got the atacoma wedge and can't even wear them they hurt so bad :/ but they look amazing in my closet :) p.s. thank you for you sweet comment. much appreciated!

ashley <3

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