Monday, December 20


gosshhh, christmas is right around the corner. I've just visited my grandparents and my childhood friend and her family this weekend. so niice. tomorrow i have to get done my last christmas presents and zeen i will be readyy. ... totally ready for christmas! such great food, christmassy feeling, family and presents. oh, and the movies and music of course. no christmas without it. rudolph, the grinch, home alone, christmas vacation +++

here's some stuff that give me that christmas feeling......









and the music of course...

what gives the ultimate Christmas feeling:
1. Home alone, the movies
2. The grinch. no christmas without it.
3. Christmas vacation the movie
4. Jiminy Cricket singing when you wish upon a star... ultimate christmas feeling right there! 
5. Love actually. say no more
6. Rudolph. a favorite since i was like, 1
7.  a decorated christmas tree in the living room. yum

8. the music. listen.

so sorry for late updates... i will get better, promise


josephine said...

Yay for Christmas and how awesome Home Alone is!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Great post. Such holiday spirit

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

how hilarious is Christmas Vacation
i watch it every time Christmas rolls around

check me out!


it wouldn't be the same without home alone or love actually!

annierama said...

love actually is one of my favourite christmas movies!
check out my blog , yours is amazing ;)

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