Tuesday, December 28


Hope you all had a lovely christmas! now it's soon new year,  and i still don't have any new year resolutions ...

anyway here's some of my christmas presents.

frye boots, waay


jewelry, jewelry stand, cupcake box, makeup, ...

leopard faux fur scarf

acne sweater. i love acne


Hanna said...

Wow you got some really awsome presents!! I love acne to!


Ivania said...

I love that hand for displaying rings

Becky-May said...

wow what great gifts! lucky girl :)




Gladys Lopez said...

woww. your gifts are so nice! i didn't really get stuff i liked this christmas, but oh well, haha.

Gladys Lopez said...

woww. your gifts are so nice! i didn't really get stuff i liked this christmas, but oh well, haha.

Phuong said...

lovely gifts!

jada and jon said...

jealous! looks like you had a good x=mas! love the hand! if you like vintage clothing please come check us out!



Alexandra said...

Love all of it, what great presents! I was seriously impressed with my family and boyfriend this year too!

Alexandra xo


Harman said...

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menina elegante said...

I love all the stuff you got! Incredibly cute! Acne is just awesome!!

Moniek said...

Love the jewellery and scarf!

Mila said...

You are lucjy.
Amazing gifts!

kirstyb said...

i love those boots xxxx

Jessica said...

awesome gifts!!
those boots = ♥

Esther said...

oh the acne sweater is really nice! awesome presents! :) XXX


Chelsey said...

The booooots, love them. Also love your creepy&charming hand-ring holder thing!

xo Chelsey

Claudia said...

love the shoes!
gorgeous photos :)


♥CocoBébé♥ said...

boots are sooo coool!

Kristen said...

love your jewelry stand, and i want an acne sweater! great gifts, must have been a merry christmas : )

ps- i'm having a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

That Acne sweater looks so soft.

ching said...

oooh awesome gifts. love the boots.

Think♥Twice said...

Waaauw what a great gifts! We love jewellery and the scarf!
We just start a new blog and we hope you would like to come and look at it :)
We follow you, do you follow us to?

With love,


Tanja Mia said...

I like!

noura. said...

omgggg i'm so jealous

beatrice said...

Wow, great presents!

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