Thursday, October 21

its freakin cold outsiiiide

whyyy. whyy. whyyy.






haha my cat.

btw, this is one of my favyyy cardy's right now. so warm and comfy.
from topshop



Serina said...

Oh that cardigan looks amazing!! I wish I had a cozy cardigan like that!

And I have to admit, I love snow! The cold weather means you can layer up in clothes like that cardigan!

Thank you for the comment too :)


Big Dadddy said...

Ah snow! So not comforting to see, i can wait for the cold stuff. Ick!

But you look so cute and cozy, love your cardy!

allergic to vanilla said...

AWW it never snows in California, it must be beautiful! p.s I love cozy sweaters too!!

xo Carlina

yOka said...

Lovely cardi


I REALLY DO TOO! ;) She has an amazing style!

Unknown said...

Its snowing in norway too! It is a pity.. :( Great cardigan :)

Anonymous said...

that looks SO COZZZYYYY! you're gorgeous! and your house is so beautiful

i wished it snowed where i live, but snow in L.A. is highly unlikely....

sincerely, YCM

SaffronHaze said...

Thanks so much for dropping a message my blog! I'm now a follower, please come visit me again and if you like become a follower too (I'm still figuring out how to get my blog out there)!

Wow, where do you live that snows in October? That sweater is adorbs!


LHFC said...

such a cute cardigan! i wish it would snow where i live, its just cold! xx

Jose Camacho said...

perfect chunky outfit for this weather.. hand it over! ;P
All jokes aside, love your blog.

Jose C.

Diogo Cordeiro said...

amazing look!

The Fashion Lovers

Raez said...

snow in october definitely sucks, but at least you're toasy warm!

xx raez

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

wow it's snowing, incredible! I love your cardy too, I can see why it's a fave xx

Mode Junkie said...

omg i want your granpa cardi!! it´s sooo cool.

and wtf, snow already?

xoxo Mode Junkie

Jessica said...

ommmgg noo go away snow !!

I love your outfit and your adorable kitty lol

johanna said...

hej hej:) du har inte lust att vara så gullig å rösta på någon av mina klänningar? eller varför inte på båda två :) Här har du direktlänkarna isåfall kraaam :)

Marina said...

great blog<; yu so cute:)

thanks for comment on my blog:)

alannah. said...

that cardi looks so warm & snug!!

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