Saturday, October 30

alors on dance




burberry scarf, topshop sweater, topshop ring, h&m jacket, topshop nailpolish 

becoming my favorite scarf atm. even though it's my dad's or it might be my mom's ...hehe

anyway. i'm a dancer. i dance 3 times a week, including the weekends now because of our christmas show in december. It's totally fun!! can't wait for the show. The theme is peter pan, so we're doing a sortof peter pan story including dances. I'm on of the "lost boys". should be loads of fun.

anywayy. off to a halloween party! yes, today. happy halloween tomorrow!

c yaaa


Puck Litaay said...

Your scarf is very beautiful! Great blog you have here.

Puck //

Abi said...

That is such a fun idea for a Christmas play. What kind on dance do you do?

I love that ring on your left finger. Gorgeous. And the title of this post reminds me of the song "alors on dance". Have you heard it? So catchy. It was theme song the entire summer

Carolyn said...

love your army coat! i'm trying to find one like that..

Ashley said...

Happy Halloween! I loooooove your scarf, I'd definitely have stolen that from my parents if they had one, heheh! :)


Tamy & Yasmin said...

ohh i love this scarf and the nail color.. amazing

Raez said...

cute pics, love your scarf!

xx raez

WASH MACH said...


Constance said...

I love your jacket and the ring is gorgeous too! x

Jessica said...

love love the ring!! xD

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))))))


Bee said...


Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

bravegrrl said...


frances said...

yum yum yummmm, this outfit is so good x

SnowWhiteGoneWild said...

Great great rings!

hiven said...

love the rings!
x hivennn

Sherrie Cola said...

Love your rings.

Semra said...

love that green jacket!!

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