Monday, June 21


alriiiiight, summer is officially here and it's been a great start!
tenting and staying up all night! hah . but anywayys, on thursday im going to a snoop dogg concert, and next tuesday im leaving for HOVE festival. its gunna be aweeeeesome. gunna take pictures for suuure!

what are y'all doing this summerr? 



mom&dad came home from scotland and got me some nice stuff! i can show you guys laterr :)



blow8 said...

great blog babe, love the photos.

Wendy said...

I'm in love with the amount of red in her outfit! So great!

jessica said...

monochrome never looked so good.

Anonymous said...


Ivania said...

I never really like red
but this is sooo great!

ROBINE said...

Wow, beautiful!

thequietingmuses said...

Love the red!

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