Sunday, June 27


Heyy. So I'm sick , which totally sucks becauusee I'm leaving for the HOVEfestival ( a music festival here in Norway) tomorrow or maybe tuesday if i don't get better. 
Anyway I'm going to be gone this whole week, so i just wanted to sayy have a great week, and i'll be back! With pictures from the trip ! da-aah.

Check out HOVE here :)





Pictures from last year.

see ya in a week!


Victoire said...

Have fun! I'm also going to a music festival in august - so excited :)

Karolina K. said...

so wish you great festval ! have fun : )

Fashion Chalet said...

Cool blog and photos. :)

Looks like fun!


ellesappelle said...

oooh have fun & feel better :)


Enjoy Hove! ooooog. god bedring!!! :)

xx T

feel free to stop by sometime!:)

JOWY said...

those pics are awesome, hope u feel better soon!

One Love,

Mode Junkie said...

i wanna go to a festival too! just to dress up the part. haha

xoxo Mode Junkie

Kallie said...

wow it looks like such a great time! does it get super hot there? thats the worst part about festivals where i live is the oppressive heat.

Between Venus and Saturn said...

DAAAAMN I want to go with you!!

Anonymous said...

great blog you have!
cool post

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hey!! Hope you feel better soon for the festival!! Looks like so much fun!! xxoxoxooxo

Mystery Bruises said...

so jealous that looks awesome! your blog is great! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!


Alecto said...

thatl ooks like one wide ride.

Anonymous said...

ohh i love your blog its so amazing

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