Thursday, May 27

yess , no school tomorrow

So, here in norway the teachers are starting to strike tomorrow, trying to get a raise. I'm doubting it's going to be sucessful. Last time they tried, they didn't manage to achieve anything. BUT as a result for the teachers going out on a strike ... schools out! We have no idea how long this is going to last, but we atleast get the day off tomorrow. Hope it lasts longer, but time will shoooow.

And btw, I know me and my friend are SUCH CRAPPY bloggers when it comes to our "streetstyle" blog. WE are are although planning to make it more than just a streetstyle blog because it's diffifcult for us, going to school and all, to be able to post recent streetstyle pictures. By all means, this does not mean we're not going to post streetstyle , it just means that we're going to make it a bit more personal blog aswelll.
Yeah, so now you know. Just needed to get that off my chest. 

Otherwise, I'm so ready for summer right now. warm weather+beach+travel+0stress






[ph. by me, last 3 photos_unknown ]


Tanja Mia said...

Love your photos!

Claire said...

Beautiful images on a beautiful blog. Hurrah that it's summer!

Claire @ Jazzpad

Victoire said...

pretty pictures :) i really wish if could be warmer here..

Sue said...

nice pics!!

btw, we've got the same white ring!!!

Pixie Dust said...

Hey hon, let me know in a comment (on my newest post, please) under which name you are following me - I cannot find you and in order to enter my giveaway, you must be a follower :))
Let me know asap <3

Pixie Dust said...

No hon, your follow still does not show up ! :)

Pixie Dust said...

Oh, perhaps you are following privately? (as in it is not public :)) That might be it then :))
Is that it?

linnea said...

like the pictures a lot!

ellesappelle said...

ahh jealous. winter is just starting here!

Florentine Nudes said...

gorgeous pictures!
ahh i can't wait til summer :) <3

Christel said...

I love your photos and your blog!!
I'm following you already, hope you will check my blog out :D


Maria said...

I was going to start and take streetstyle pics myself but.. that never happens :p
Love the photos. especially the second to last one

Krimly said...

There is a sandals giveaway at my blog! Check it out! :)


Fanny said...

great photos!

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