Monday, May 3


 think school is getting the better of me. heh, so tired nowadays. This week we have two tests, and they're our last tests before exams!! then:  summaa.
Because I feel slightly uninpired I don't have a lot on my mind right now worth telling to you guys, other than that I'm celebrating my birthday on friday with my friend - it's gunna be awesome. I'll take pictures for suuuure :)









Fashion Cappuccino said...

Great pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope to see the birthday pictures soon :-) xoxoxoxo

rouli said...

love love love!!!!!!

amazing photos!!!

omg!!!!lovely blog u have...
like the black dress!!!!and the outfits' posts below are stunning!!!!

come visit me please!!!!!

Yary and Sary said...

love these photos girl!
so nice.

Between Venus and Saturn said...

Great pictures!! + thank you for ur lovely comment, i'm followin you !

Lovely blog girl

Jony said...

Great pictures!!

Elizabeth said...

school has been stressful for me as well!
great photos though!


fashion westie said...

I saw that Paper "Chanel" bag and I am 1) waiting for the blogger storm of re-interpretations. and 2) wishing I had thought of it first.

Love the post.

Raez said...

that last picture and the chanel "bag" picture is pure awesome:)

xx raez

jessica said...

ouh, have a good birthday!
and dont worry, school will be over soon enough :)

Lori said...

happy early birthday ;)

i love that paper chanel bag


Photo so cool!!!! Love it

TheStrawberryFields said...

That Chanel paper bag made me laugh hehe love it!

JT said...

just found your blog and i loooooooooooove!
You have great photos! Definitely following you!!!!!



jessica said...

ouh garbage bag chanel ♥

meggasus said...

These photos are too cool for school.

sayablack said...

I adore the 3rd photo!
Lovely back design<3

ryder said...

chanel paper bag all the way

Mode Junkie said...

advance happy birthday babe. have fun on your day!


Tanja Mia said...


Britty said...

great photo awesome!

The Misunderstood said...

the last dress is amazing :)

Charlene said...

amazing images

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