Friday, January 22

SO done with our tests for now (YESS!!) ... The next four weeks from now we don't have any homework due to our school play which we have each year. It's always really fun and you get to hang out with people you normally wouldn't hang out with and just mingle.... and have fun! haha. fun fun fun fun fun . FUN. I'll probably take some pictures these following weeks to keep you posted,  and be a better blogger seeing as I have more time on my hands now.  My mom is in Copenhagen now with her bookclub - and i sendt her off with a list of what clothing I need and want. I haven't been to Copenhagen in a while now - i love it there! Great food & shopping. oh and TIVOLII ! yes, i'm jealooous.


by the waaay -  this album is pretty good! 


one republic , waking up 

and i've been listening to this guy alot : 


yes, kid cudi. and this album: god he makes awesome music.


 love music and could seriously NOT have lived without it. SAME with dance....  and sports. and course love family and friends and all that. 


The Owl's Closet said...

congrats on finishing exams:D thanks again for dropping by my blog and for ur comment:) i'm a big fan of one republic, too:D

ingrid said...

i love kid cudi!

Lauren Goddard said...

I love Kid Cudis smile!

x x x

Lexi Colby said...

i love kid cudi, great post xx

Polished Sense said...

Holla Kid Cudi :P


Lilee▲ said...

hahah love him!

Grace said...

I feel the same way about music!

Love Grace.

anna bu said...

music is the most important thing! :)
cudi does great music!


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