Sunday, January 3




Yesss! How awesome is it to start out a new year with a new visa! You seeee this brings oppurtunities .  haha ( and i didn't want to show my picture - i look like a ghost !)
I hope everyone has had three great first days in 2010 - i don't know but i feel that this year is going to be awesome... You know cuz its a new decade and i got a new visa ... or maybe it's because my horoscope tells me that i'm going to be experiencing success and that clear results of my work this year will show in the fall again. that's deep.  Haha i don't know if i believe in that shit anyway.

BTW!!! - ME AND MY FRIEND no wait, MY FRIEND AND I have started a streetstyle blog in our town Stavanger, Norway. We haven't posten anything yet but we WILL SOON! I'll be sure to update you if when we  post anything ;)  click HERE to visit .

OH and i thought i could write some of my new year's resolutions ... (the ones i have come up with til now at least )

1.  FOCUS  on school :  last year before i start a new school and i need to keep up great grades !

2. ALSO FOCUS on exercize : you need to have a great body for tha summaaaa

3. EAT HEALTHY :  'nuf said.
4.  TRAVEL somewhere i've never been to before : I love traveling and experiencing new places !!

5.  SPEND LOTS OF TIME with friends and family and just have a great time!

can't think of any more right now ...



Wendy said...

I think I need a visa myself instead of borrowing my parents! Have fun!

Unknown said...

yay for the visa! happy future shopping lol x

fadetoblack said...

happy visa to you too... i mean year!:)++

anna bu said...

haha,oh yeah we all love visa!! :)

annabu :)

KP said...

this cracked me up:) xo

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

hi there :)

you are the winner of my last week's giveaway, you've won a $26 voucher to spend on one item at , let me know your choice & delivery address to and i'll pass your info to the etsy seller :)

Tina xx

heebs said...

ahh, i love how happy you are over your new visa ;)

shopahallic said...

i just got my visa too - dangerous!!

happy new year

Guruizzm said...

SV: Takk!

Isabel said...

Have fun with that credit card :)

Meline said...


Aimee said...

yay!! go visa :) happy 2010 to you

Bisous Natasha said...

yay!!! I need a new VISA too =( one with NO LIMIT! mwahaha =)

raita 2 said...

love your hair! :)

Jason said...

Awesome! Good luck with the streetstyle blog! I'll be checking it out once your first post is up.


Soooali said... visa!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely comment.

Love your new years resolutions, I especially agree with the exercising one, I need to do that haha.

Great blog.


Anonymous said...

Amalie loveees visa! :D<3

-mari hu som e kul

Anonymous said...

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