Monday, August 3

this weeks confessions:

1. i absolutely adore and envy this girl entirely.

2. i am a big fan og the twilight series, and i have now seen the movie. now i'm an even bigger fan. and ... i think i'm in love with edward. hehehe who wouldn't want a boyfriend like that


jessica said...

ouhh natalia, so gorge .

*karo said...

aaaaaaaaaawesome pics!!
love Edward too:)

The Queen of Hearts said...

The model is quite beautiful. I definitely agree with that. I can't say that I am a super huge fan of the Twilight series because I think the writing is absolutely dreadful. Nevertheless, the movie was entertaining, though a bit long.

kirstyb said...

she is fantastic! and twilight is awesome xoxox

{ A L I C E } said...


Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi in your blog header = P E R F E C T I O N

Tereza Š. said...

natalia is one of my fav. models...I lvoe her in this B/W photo

Maverick Malone said...

Edward is very cool, but honestly, I think Rob Pattinson should quit acting and focus on his music. He's SUCH a talented musician. Much more than acting. Not that he's a bad actor, I just think his real talent lies in music and not a lot of people see it, because of all the twilight/edward cullen hype.

I've been seeing this girl around and I'd really like to know what her name is-she's the model in the center of your blog header. What's her name? I've asked a few people and none have gotten back to me yet!

That London girl said...

natalia is soo pretty
i love her look so much :)

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