Friday, August 28

purple , gold & fringes




sorry, my camera sucks.


1. purple, gold and black have become my favorite colors...
2. i love fringes, and i just purchased this fringe bag. loove it
3. the gold bracelet with the bear on it has become on of my favorite bracelets nowadays. I'll post a better picture of it sometime.'s sunny in the picture, but the weather has been really wierd. it rains, the sun comes out then it starts raining while its sunny, so it's still warm outside. Then the sun fades and it starts raining harder. wierd.

and i don't know what happened to the bag picture - see it properly HERE


jessica said...

such a cute bracelet :)
& yeah the weather here is soo odd too .

Anonymous said...

the bag is really cute. i like the purple nail polish. my friend just bought this purple nail polish from OPI called Catherine the Grape and it is so fantastic!!!!! it's like a purpleish brown.

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie thanks for your comment! i just lowered all the price in my shop. and i also listed some new accessories and purses! xo

Kari said...

Så nydelig armbånd :)

michellehendra said...

i love purple too! :)


Lauren said...

Gold and purple are so good together!

x x x

kaitlyn said...

how CUTE is the little tag on your gold bracelet! i love it.

Robynne said...

Hot nail color!

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