Monday, January 5

yes, so now we're in a new year and all , i thought i could write some new years resolutions

1. DO NOT BREAK MY ARM AGAIN. (goes for all of you, it sucks!)

2. Go to exciting places. I looove traveling. I really want to go to New York, or maybe somewhere in South america and take a safari in Africa.

3. Finish my science project. I have to collect ten samples of each: plants, insects and animals with either pictures or a real sample. It has to be finished before the summer holidays.

4. More exercise ! I'm really keen on that perfect stomach. hehe

5. keep it up in school, !

6. hopefully develope my skills in blogging. hoho


elise said...

like you don't have the perfect stomach malie ! ?

Elise Samuelsen :D

maali-lifestyle said...

haha, neei
im going to have an even moore perfect stomach ? :D

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