Sunday, January 18

Revy Lørdag var digg !

For those who don't live in stavanger:
Revy Lørdag is a Saturday where everyone participating in 'Gosenrevyen', spends there time. 12.00-23.00. Everyone gets split up in groups A-G. Then we go to different posts where we have drama games, dance, rap, sing, take pictures for the 'Gosenrevyen' poster, do something infront of our camera man in half a minute and make sketches. At the end of the day we sing the songs we have learned. You get this tingly feeling when over 200 students sing at the same time. This case we rapped the "I'll be missing you & Teo torriatte". Soo much funnn.
- Gosenrevyen is Gosen skole's revy. (Gosen Skole - a school in stavanger)

AND because i was busy doing everything but taking pictures with my camera, there are no pictures. sorry :(

gosenrevyen last year (the final song)

three of our trusty leaders
meg therese caroline

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