Friday, September 13


Liking my DIY rihanna tee. I basically just cut it and rolled up the sleeves. I love her tattoo! 
Oh, and next week I'm off too uni, so the day has been used to pack my stuff. and i have a lot!!! 

Loving my new jeans from Acne, 
my new hat from fwss, 
and my sunglasses from a market in bangkok. 

peace & love 



ice pandora said...

Nice Rihanna shirt! c: Xx

Valerie said...

very cool DIY

Gita said...

Perfect bad ass styling. And who doesn't love a piece of RiRi?!


helena said...

Looooove this outfit! I'd love to wear it myself like this.

The Marcy Stop said...

Loving your stacked charm necklaces

The Marcy Stop

Mary-Grace said...

very nice look dear!!!
so cool

Anonymous said...

love this care free look you're adorable.


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