Wednesday, June 19


It's been long since I've posted some inspirational pictures that have been trying to push summer vibes that are desperately in need to burst out of my insides. Wow, sounded dramatic. It's true though. I've had over a month of vacation now, but I still feel something's missing. The Italian sun? The italian food? The italian streets? Yeah, that's pretty much it! On thursday I'll be leaving for Florence! I CAN'T WAIT. Scott Schuman, you better still be there. 

Anyways, this is kinda what I wanna be looking like. 



Maryn said...

Amazing post, these kind of pictures are exactly like on my tumblr :)) xx

and so it goes.... said...

Love the inspiration! The braid with the little flowers is so pretty!


Anthea Lau said...

spotting some cool outfits there and amazing inspirations!!

check out my new post featuring SUCK IS FREE label launch in Sydney! :)

Angela said...

Hi! So great this photos!!! The first I adore!!!
Angela Donava

peach said...

love your blog, haha i really want that apple-shaped bowl lol:) keep up the great work!<3 xx peach

fiufiu and ulala said...

great blog!!!!
nice <3

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