Monday, November 5


Ohhmy. 1 known fact about me: One of my favorite cities of all time = Copenhagen. 
Was there this weekend with some friends, and went to matt corby concert!! Amazing. Only mobile photos. but that'll do i guess . here ya go. 

p.s: matt corby is even more sexy live than in his youtube videos. how is that possible?? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. his voice is also, btw... perfect. 

these were delish. If you ever visit CPH, stay at AXEL GULDSMEDEN HOTEL in Vesterbro. amazing hotel! 

biking is the easiest transport. 

If you haven't been to joe & the juice. YOU HAVE TO. The juice's and sandwiches are delish, and the boys that work there are HOT. 


scarf swagger. 

celebrating christmas beer <2345 p="p">

I'm sorry, but ADR's collection can only be worn by her. If worn by others, it looks completely and utterly fake and gaudy. Fact.


oh btw, halloween costume turned out like this: haha. epic! 


Larissa said...

I love CPH! My boyfriend used to live there and I spend every weekend in this city for about a year :) I think you enjoyed it too!? Your blog is lovely! Come along mine, if you like :)

Grazziella said...

Great photos, you seems to enjoyed every single time ! :)

Bisous from FRANCE

Jennifer said...

great pictures!

xo Jennifer

Maria Chloe said...

Great photos! The city looks beautiful(:

Joyce said...

Ahhh i've only been to Copenhagen once but I loved it! I love these pictures, looks like you had fun :)

Kdotorg said...

Awesome! Looks like such a fun trip.
I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

Angela said...

nice photos!!
have a good day!

Angela Donava

Borjana said...

Ohhh absolutely stunning,honey!Great post!;)

Anonymous said...

so cute!!

Amanda said...

I was in CPH for a charity show and I loved the city! Need to go back!

How to Cook Fashion said...

great photos!!

shardette.. said...

First time visitor to your blog. Love these candid happy snaps!

x Sharday


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