Friday, April 27

the best is yet to come

a quote i like a lot actually. i'm kinda sick of schoool now maan, so muchh in so little time. anyway, been doing some fun stuff as well as school. miss busy woman over hurrr. 

i bought these shoes for examplee, mm lovin em. and the espana trip was a blast! i turned 18 and all. woop!! (legal) party time! 

more of these shoes about to come!!

 a spanish boy fishing right by the harbour.  he actually caught one!! woo

how good of a presentation of food is thizz???

toodles. more will come x



Giovanna said...

Great photos! Love your sparkly shoes!! Happy Birthday!


Lucyle said...

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Caroline Robianto said...

happy birthday doll!


monica said...

omg beautiful scenery!!!

and happy 18th

Benlovesting said...

Ah! Happy birthday! And the place look so beautiful.

Anthea Lau said...

It's an amazing holiday!xox
Lovely photos as well!
would you like to follow each other?:)

Raez said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you're having a blast, soaking up the sun. Enjoy being legal, it's a whole new world of awesome XD

xx Raez

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

so picturesque! I love the beach scenes and the shots of your shoes.. also that sandwich looks beyond delish. x E

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Anonymous said...

um can i go where you went?
happy belated!!

Fydez said...

Such nice photos you have here. And your shoes are nice. X

electric feel said...

amazing pics!

Cowhide leather shoulder bags said...

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